The Keyword Clusterizer Google Sheet Add-on

Cluster your keyword data from any source in Google Sheets.

Cluster all of your keywords in the blink of an eye

For SEO & SEA : Upload all of your Keywords into Google Sheets and let the Keyword Clusterizer organize all of your keywords into something you can work with, in less than a minute.
No more spending time manually organizing keywords into Campaigns and AdGroups, or SEO website hierarchy.

Google Ads Campaigns and AdGroups created in seconds

The Keyword Clusterizer helps Google Ads Agencies.
The Keyword Clusterizer will design relevant Campaigns and AdGroups to help you create Google Ad Campaigns with speed and accuracy.
You will also have most of your Negative Keywords ready before launching thanks to our "Cold" Tab.
Best of all, you can copy and paste from the Keyword Clusterizer directly into Google Ads Editor for upload into your account.

Design your website's SEO hierarchy visually faster

The Keyword Clusterizer helps SEO Agencies.
Designing a website structure for SEO purposes is never easy. Let the Keyword Clusterizer group the main categories and subcategories of new pages to be built and keywords to be used.

The Keyword Clusterizer Google Sheet Extension

Are you an SEO or Google Ads expert?
Everything is about to get a lot easier for you.

Ideal for market research reports

Need to estimate the market size for your product or service? The Keyword Clusterizer will organize all your keyword data to help you understand the market potential.
The Keyword Clusterizer will also help you identify ways in which you can communicate your business with blog posts, social media content, and/or branded communications.

Import data from your favorite SEO tools

Import your Keyword data from your favorite sources like Search Console, SEM Rush, Moz,, ahrefs.
IThe Keyword Clusterizer will blend multiple sheets into one coherent and visual representation of all your keywords.

How does the Keyword Clusterizer work?


Visit the Google Workspace Marketplace to install the Google Sheet Keyword Clusterizer add on.



Import your keyword research into Google Sheets from your favorite keyword research tools: Keyword Planner, SEM Rush, MOZ,, ahrefs.


Click Run

Run the Keyword Clusterizer from the Google Sheet menu to cluster tens of thousands of keywords in under a minute.



Rearrange the clusters according to your needs and sort your keywords into the “hot”, “maybe” and “cold” tabs.



Use our export features to create new Google Ad accounts, design a website’s SEO architecture or produce market research reports.

Optimize your SEM workflow

Tackle your SEA and SEO tasks faster, with more data, and better accuracy, with the Keyword Clusterizer. Not only will you save time, but you'll also get better results. Your clients, collaborators, and colleagues will even love you more.

How the Keyword Clusterizer uses your data

You will need to authorize the Keyword Clusterizer to view and manage your sheet so that it can get your keywords data from your Google sheet and then write the sorted data back into that same sheet.

You will also have to authorize the KWC to connect to an external service as the processing of the data is handled by our clustering script hosted externally. The collected data is sent to our clustering algorithm, which it sorts, and then writes it back to your google sheet, formatted in a visual way.

We developed the Keyword Clusterizer as an add-on so that you can rock your SEM projects the way you want to, using the same built-in Google Sheet functionality that you already love and know.

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